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Model : WinFan-FD-40

Mã số: TBHB-WinFan-FD-40

Kích thước:

Giá: Liên hệ: Mr Nguyên - 0902.899.383

Cập nhật: 28/06/2014

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Introduction To Functions

* Durable and low-noisy, effectively high velocity motor, 100% copper wire pure copper wire power

cord, high-velocity automatically pressing stator and rotor, excellent on heat dissipation.

* The plate and fan blade design furter complies with air flowing and realize the large air flow and low


* The plate and fan blade are manufactured by high quality engineering plastic.

* The knock-down face shield design makes it more convenient for clearing.

* The electrophoresis coated metal structure makes it anticorrosion, no rust, firm and durable.